If you want to reap the health benefits of acai berries, we have the perfect healthy, non-alcoholic beverage that you can add to your diet. Our refreshing beverage IRIE GULP, with acai berries as the star ingredients, is both healthy and delicious. Even though our pure berry juice beverages are lime-based, with each gulp, you can taste the acai berries since our drinks consist of real Caribbean tropical fruits. Our unique healthy drinks provide a refreshing, delicious experience, which will leave you wanting more.

Acai Berry Drink

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Our non-alcoholic lime drinks are loaded with real Caribbean tropical fruits. While the beverages are lime-based, each gulp tastes perfectly replicate the fruits represented vice the limeade. Your first and all subsequent gulps will guarantee a healthy, refreshing, delicious experience of feeling good for a wholesome, healthier, holistic well-being. 

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