Just imagine this: pineapple ginger turmeric juice benefits and goodness all splashed into a Caribbean tropical fruit juice drink that's non-alcoholic, lime-based, and full of the medicinal benefits that nature can provide! Refreshing gulp after refreshing gulp of this Irie Gulp Ginger Pineapple Drink with a dash of turmeric will prove to you that our Caribbean tropical fruit drink is perfect both for your unquenchable thirst and your search for the perfect health drink that will not make you feel guilty of doing damage to your health. Have you ever asked how much pineapple juice should I drink with turmeric root !? Well... The answer is, however much your tastebud desires. Healthy drinking can never be too much with  Irie Gulp.  

This is because Irie Gulp Ginger Pineapple Drink packs the perfect punch of the pineapple ginger turmeric juice benefits super combination where you simply will never go wrong with your hydration and nutrient needs. Plus the taste is so refreshing as if the Caribbean vibe and atmosphere are dancing in your mouth down into your throat - refreshing you all the way!

Ginger Pineapple Turmeric Drink

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Our non-alcoholic lime drinks are loaded with real Caribbean tropical fruits. While the beverages are lime-based, each gulp tastes perfectly replicate the fruits represented vice the limeade. Your first and all subsequent gulps will guarantee a healthy, refreshing, delicious experience of feeling good for a wholesome, healthier, holistic well-being. 

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